Thursday, December 15, 2016

Winter Wear

This was our coldest morning at 6 degrees but I was nice and toasty in the coat mom bought at a garage sale last summer for 50 cents. It is actually a down filled long dress coat, but I'm wearing it as my new barn coat.
Yesterday morning it was 8 degrees and even though I was wearing 4 layers the wind cut right through and I froze. The rest of the day I struggled to warm up. My old barn coat is really worn out and I hate to say it but I was desperate enough to go shopping.  There was time for that while waiting for Beth and mom yesterday so I stopped at Sam's Club checking out the coats there, trying different ones on and feeling disappointed in all of them. About that time I actually started praying for a coat. This morning I was dreading walking out the door to feed, when I shut my bedroom door and realized there was that coat mom found last summer hanging on a hook on the back of that door. It is a long coat going down almost to my boots and is roomy enough to wear a couple layers under it.  It also has a hood and extra snaps and straps to keep out the wind. The biggest bonus came when I put it on, in one of the pockets was a pair of insulated, very warm Isotoner gloves. Truly I felt a little overdressed strutting around in that fancy coat while lugging around the grain bucket but the horses didn't care and I was warm.
That coat kept me warm on the walk and kept me warm at Berean. I was thanking God all morning for the amazing provision, and thanking mom for finding AND paying for it. I'm pretty sure I never even paid her the 50 cents.
It was too cold this afternoon to do anything with the horses but tomorrow is suppose to warm up so tomorrow we are going to try Foxy with Jenis and Eliza. She will be much more happy with companions.

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