Thursday, December 1, 2016

Angelica SOLD

What a busy day. To read about our busy morning at the Berean office click HERE. Scrambling to get done in time at the Berean office to meet the man coming to pay for Angelica but having to stop at church to drop off the studies for Aunt Bernie then running into the shop to pay the first of the month bills, then to the bank to drop off a couple checks for Bridlewood Apartments which is on the way to the post office to drop off the Berean mail then to CEFCU to deposit checks into my account, get to the barn to find Angelica had rolled and was so dusty with sand dust from the arena she looked gray was a little stressful, especially with the traffic in Peoria. Angelica was taken into the stall barn for a good groom which got finished just in time. The buyer was pleased, very happy with how tall and hairy she is.
 She is such an impressive Friesian filly with thick feather that starts at the back of her knees. 
 She is now paid for and will leave tomorrow afternoon. Emily is going to be delivering her up near Rockford, IL. I had to drive back down to Meister's to finish paying the bills for mom's Gulf Shores, condo. Those taxes are due this month and while going through the end of the year paper work found a check from Meyer dated Jan 16th, 2015. Meyer's was called and they will be glad to replace that check which is now void.
I heading up now to clean stalls but just one more day of that and the next foal that will need a bath is Titan. He is going to be picked up a week from Saturday so I don't want to keep him stalled until then. He is doing fine out in the paddock with Marika's colt, Arturo.
This evening we have a nice hot fire in the fireplace insert and are enjoying the heat. Today just feels cold. It was even spitting snow this morning. Even though it was a cold day Karin still went out to Middle Grove to work the mares. She reported Rosaleigh has a small bump on her neck that will need watching. The mares all did remarkably well. Easter Lilly has bonded with Jewel and is sticking to her like glue. That is good, Jewel will keep her safe out there. Karin said when she was working with Easter Lilly and Jewel walked off Easter Lilly threw a fit but soon settled down and paid attention. We will be giving her quite a few months to adjust to the herd before we expect much work out of her.

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