Friday, December 9, 2016

Becca's Talent

Rhoda came this morning and helped get Titan cleaned up, he is leaving for his new home tomorrow. It was too cold to bathe him but we used the instant hot water heater to clean off his legs and some of his belly. Once the caked mud was off he was taken into the stall and the warming lamp turned on and then the hair dryer brought out. He was so good for all of this accepting pretty much anything we asked of him. He called a couple times for his buddy but we made the decision not to bring Arturo in as tomorrow Titan will need to travel without him. I'm watching him on the monitor now and he is eating and drinking quietly.
Becca Watson, one of our vaulters has taken that to a whole new level. She decided to learn trick riding and this last week was competing at the North American Trick riding competition held in Los Vegas with her pony Sage. We are thrilled to announce Becca WON THE SADDLE!
Becca writes: I am so grateful for all these amazing people in my life. I have been at the North American trick riding competition and I was chosen to honor Connie Griffith by receiving a saddle that is in her honor, Connie made over 100 saddles and gave them to people that were starting trick riding, a few of the adults that were at the competition chose me because I represented her and her honor. I will be forever grateful for these amazing people. Me and Sage ran our hearts out and it payed off!!
Congratulations BECCA! We are all thrilled for you. If you have never seen this type of riding you will now have a chance to right here in Illinois. Becca has agreed to showcase her talent and her pony Sage at the IL Horse Fair. She will be performing during the breed and sport demo's. It takes a special type of daredevil to ride at a flat out gallop doing crazy tricks and we can't wait to see her perform. 

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