Friday, December 16, 2016

Ice Storm

We are under a winter storm warning tonight and tomorrow and by the time the ice and snow is over Saturday night the bitter cold will be moving in with lows predicted below zero and wind chills of -20 to -30 below.
That meant all the waterers needed to be checked and better insulation put around them. Mike went to Middle Grove to check the one there and put out more bales. He decided we need to bring Anna back soon. Anna is just looking huge. This is what she looked like last time right before she was due.

She almost looks this big now but isn't due until March. We need to have her home to keep her under close observation. We are having freezing rain now which seems strange as it is a well below freezing mere 24 degrees outside. One would think we should be having snow. The ice is covering the roads making them dangerous. Rhoda, Sarah, Emily, Anni, and Jessica left this afternoon for Ohio to pick up a puppy. They booked a hotel around Indianapolis for this evening and hopefully by tomorrow morning the roads will be ok for them to finish the trip. They were going just to purchase a male red Maltipoo  but the breeder also has a litter mate that is chocolate. If these puppies are healthy and ready they may buy both as there are people from this area looking for quality non shedding puppies. There is also a  male black Pug puppy for sale in Ohio they may bring back.
We spent the evening over at mom's playing Mexican train. Joan's family, Karin, mom and I had a fun evening with lots of laughs.

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