Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Almost 80

We awoke to another beautiful morning. Mom, Molly, Diane and I started our morning walk followed by couple of the early rising children on this trip. The resident heron was waiting patiently for the fishermen to come fish.
 We had more color today.

 We met Nate with a bunch more of the children on the beach. They were busy looking for more sand dollars.
 This morning the Man-o-war jelly fish were being washed ashore.
 The heron gave up when no fishermen showed up.
 As the morning went on the sun burned brightly in the sky warming up the beach until it was almost too hot. We had to keep going into the gulf to cool off. The temperature was at least 80 degrees today.
 The kids had a ball playing in the sand. Below it looks like Noah lost his head.
 Below is mom catching some waves.
 Joan did a lot of fishing today catching and cleaning quite a few whiting. To see the rest of the beach pictures click HERE. Some of the others went fishing on the pier. They had poles out when one pole went flying. Karin was able to grab it and started fighting something huge. She fought until she was worn out then the next person took over. This went on for quite a while. Finally they got it up to the surface to see they had a big 6 or 7 foot shark on.
At the pier it is required that the line be cut if a shark is on as they will not allow anyone to bring in a shark. This one gave everyone a good fight.
Around 4:00 pm we started coming in off the beach to clean up for supper. Today we drove up to Foley to eat at Lamberts, the Home of the Throwed Rolls. We all had a good time and too much to eat. Thankfully they let us bring home the left overs. After dinner we went to Spark and Rhonda's condo to play games.

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