Monday, December 19, 2016

Warm House

It was 4 BELOW zero this morning so we cancelled the walk. Mark got a ride in to work with Philip and as soon as he left I went out to feed then bring in wood for the day. Enough wood to keep both wood burners burning brightly. Not only were both going full blast, the oven was on as today I baked pies and big pot of corn chowder was simmering on the stove for tonight's dinner and tomorrow's Berean meal. This house was WARM.
Joan, Sarah and Anni left for Florida this afternoon. This will be a quick trip as they are just going down to Palm Beach International airport to pick up Sarah's dog Kabur. He has been living in Haiti ever since the family left. They have been working on bringing him home and now finally were able to make it happen. If the timing goes as planned they are going to stop in for a short visit with Aunt Sandra and Uncle Dave who live in Jupiter, Florida.
The weather is predicted to warm up to 31 and sunny tomorrow which will help melt some of this thick ice. The snow on the ground made me think of all the fun we have had in the past with horses and snow.  Below is my favorite picture. This is Rosalie, her first time out in the snow. She is just a few days old. Rosalie is out of Lily by Raven, Raven's last daughter.
We are so very glad we kept her. 
The picture below is Rhoda and Lily taken after a 12 inch snowfall while we were living at Pleasant Home on Baer in Peoria. This was in the days before I had a decent camera. 
To see the rest of the horses and snow pictures click HERE

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