Saturday, December 3, 2016

Working the Boys

Karin needed a horse fix and the ONLY horses here at the Hanna City farm that needed to be worked were Evan and Valiant. First though she had to open a Christmas gift then put the gift together and use. She was given 6 brand new 6 inch draft bits and 2 new brand new royal blue neoprene draft bridles. The old bits were taken off of the old bridles and pitched. They were all just a bit too small and starting to rust. The new ones are much better quality. Karin already had 2 draft bridles so now we have 4 nice big draft bridles plus 4 Friesian bridles all with 6 inch bits.  Last night 4 more of those 6 inch draft bits were orders so we will end up with 12. At least I know where to buy them but will need to wait until next month before ordering more. They are kind of expensive.
Valiant was the first horse Karin tried the new draft bridle on. It fit fine.
Of course the first thing Valiant did when taken to the round pen was have a good long roll making sure he ground in sand on every available surface. So much for getting good pictures.

 Karin ended this session with some trick training.
 Valiant was put away and Evan brought out. Evan's head is smaller so he got to wear one of the old Friesian bridles with a new bit.
 Evan still has it, he gets so far off the ground he looks like he is floating. 

 After the boys were put away they and the others were fed and then it was time to come in and do laundry. Mark worked on preparing the machines for winter. Both mowers now have the blades sharpened, the oil changed and both have the gas all drained out for winter. The apartment and the porch each got a couple loads of split logs. We have snow and cold coming tonight and this next week, thankfully we have lots of wood. The fireplace insert was kept burning all last night and today. The high for the day was only 38 degrees and it was a damp cold.

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