Friday, December 30, 2016

Long Trip Home

Up at 2:00 am, loaded and on the road by 3:00 am made for a long day for Karin, Sarah and me. Sally Rush, the lady in charge of the 2017 IL Horse Fair called when we were about an hour south of St Louis to tell us we would be in barn 18 aisle A for the fair. Those stalls are built different than the stalls in barn 14. Since Springfield is on the way we decided to stop and take a look at those stalls. We didn't have a measuring tape with us but that didn't matter. These stalls are 4 different sizes so our stall decorations are not going to work. Karin took some pictures with her phone so we can get the idea of what we are working with.

The other problem is that the stalls are concrete. We will have to find something soft and thick to put down as bedding as we don't want the horses standing on concrete for 4 solid days. That is just too hard on their joints. The fair has promised to have this barn heated but we are not sure how that can happen the big double doors that the horses and people walk in, do not fit and leave huge gaps at the bottom and in the middle. We do not think we will be able to pop popcorn in this barn, it is just too open to the elements. Maybe we will be blessed with warm sunny weather. The PROs to this barn is that it is attached to the livestock arena where the Friesians will be performing. One can easily walk through the barn and see lots of horses on their way to the livestock arena. The shopping is going to be below the livestock arena so hopefully there will be lots of visitors to the stalls to see the horses. We stopped in Morton, IL for dinner eating at a Chinese Buffet where we all ate just a little too much. The food was good and we hadn't had anything since breakfast. We had great traveling weather and the past 6 days have been a wonderful relaxing fun time but I am so very glad to be home. 

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