Sunday, December 11, 2016

Lazy Sunday

I have a cold, bad enough that I didn't think it would be wise to spread these germs to the good people in church with all the sneezing happening. Mark took mom while I finished making the beef vegetable soup then listened on line. Mike Rieker had the morning service and it was a familiar chapter in 2nd Samuel where Dagon falls before the Ark. After the first service the horses were fed. The feeding is so easy now that we only have 6 horses here. Mike has his hands full as most of the herd is at Middle Grove. We will be adding to the herd here. Tomorrow a Saddlebred mare will be arriving. Her registered name is Owens' Ain't She Something. I'm not sure yet what her barn name is. She was born June 20th, 2007 so will be 10 years old in 2017.
 According to the owner she is a maiden mare never bred, trained to ride for an experienced rider. 
 We are not sure yet why but I'm sure we will find out soon enough. She is being dropped off tomorrow.
She will be put in training and bred to one of the stallions in 2017. A foal out of her and Valiant would sure be flashy. 
The afternoon service was Tim Roecker. Mark didn't come straight home, he stopped at HyVee for some fruit, vegetables and milk. He took some of the soup over for mom and Karin to enjoy. I had dished out a bowl but only ate a few bites when I decided to just give it to the dogs thinking it didn't taste very well but when Mark ate his bowl he went back for seconds, then mom and Karin called to report it really was delicious. I guess this cold has taken away the taste buds. Karin came over bringing a gift of a new Sunday coat, still in it's wrapper. This wasn't even garage sale. She found a good sale on them and bought a bunch and is giving them out before she leaves for Gulf Shores. Tonight was the all church Christmas caroling with supper afterwards. I missed that too. I'm heading to bed, it has been raining outside and now the temperature is dropping, Mark has a fire going in the family room and I've been drowsing on the couch most of the day.

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