Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Bathing Angelica

The man buying Angelica, Indy's filly by Evan was suppose to be here at 3:00 pm to pick her up. We had over an inch of rain and Angelica was muddy. Thankfully we have our portable instant hot water heater. She was taken into the indoor arena and given a bath and to think this is the last day of November and it was a cold 35 degrees outside.  After the bath she was taken into the insulated stall area with the warming lights turned on to dry off. My do we have it nice! In the past we would struggle with buckets of warm water and rags trying to get the foals ready for shipment and come in freezing.
Adara, Zalena's filly was brought inside for the afternoon to keep Angelica company. The two boys, Titan, Ribbon's colt and Arturo, Marika's colt were left out in the weanling paddock and were glad to be there. At 1:30 a text came through that the buyer was not coming, there was a problem with the trailer. He is going to drive here tomorrow to pay for her then Emily will deliver her on Friday afternoon. I'm still not going to mark her sold until the cash is in hand.
That means Angelica needs to be kept clean for another 2 days. The best way to do this was just turn Adara and Angelica out in the indoor arena for the night. Mark's car was kicked out of the barn so this could be accomplished. We really do need a bigger garage since cars should be put in a garage and not in a barn. Right? If no one needs the indoor I'll leave them there for the day tomorrow.
Karin went to Middle Grove to check on Easter Lilly and work horses. I haven't heard anything so all must be well.
Mark drove to church tonight. David Obergfel had the service reading the first two chapter of Malachi and then 1st Peter tying both together. Are we giving the best?
David Sauder posted this video Sarah took 7 years ago of Darcy attacking the back packs. At the end is Emma as a puppy.

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