Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Winter Arrives

We had a 25 degree drop this morning ushering in a cold rain. The sky grew dark with sudden bright flashes of lighting then the crash of thunder at the Berean office when all the electricity went out just for a moment but that moment meant we needed to restart the computers and what we didn't discover until lunch time was that the 3 crock pots full of our lunch also turned off. Thankful for a microwave to heat lunch back up quickly. To read about our day there click HERE.
It was just nasty outside after our nice warm sunny 77 degree day yesterday so nasty that by the time I got home from Berean there was no way I wanted to work outside. A lady wanted to see an updated video of Soul's filly by Valiant but since the weather was not cooperating I found a way to send her the short clip of her trot and that seemed to be enough for now.
Eliza was fed and is doing very well with gaining back the weight she lost when nursing. She is such a beautiful mare but gives more to her foals than she should. This year she even lost more than last year. I'm going to have to research a better feed just for her next time she delivers.
 Oksana was not teased or covered, that will need to be done tomorrow. Oksana is as big and baroque as they come. 
The Berean blog will need to be updated but not until tomorrow, I'm tired and heading to be early tonight. 

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