Sunday, October 16, 2016


Yesterday was a gray misty morning that turned into a beautiful warm sunny afternoon. The morning was spent at church meeting the lady from Beecham's that brought the meat and cheese then finishing set-up for lunch. I had to make one more quick trip to Sam's Club for the dinner rolls then run those back to church before heading home. Karin brought Nancy over for lunch and to see the horses before heading over to Spark's to see his motor home and then Joan's. Nancy loves visiting all of her siblings. Mark and I worked on putting up a new breeding stand. Evan's had been taken down last year when we put up the new shelter and it just doesn't work to have him share Valiant's. Evan would approach the mare but then look over at Valiant and glare wanting to pick a fight instead of doing his job.
These boys, they use to be best friends and now want to kill each other. Can't we all just get along!
Mark stayed to finish the job but mom and I went to the Skyline Benefit at the fellowship hall. No live auction this year but there was a silent auction and mom was determined to win the set of tires donated by Rieker's.
She had to keep going over to up her bid, and when there was only 1 minute left in the auction, stood in front guarding the paper to discourage anyone else from putting down their number at the last second.  She was thrilled when she won. My 84 year old mother explaining, "these are probably the last tires I will need, I'm going to drive this car until it dies." That sounds like it might work, a little old lady just driving to church but you don't know my mom...she makes that car move, taking numerous trips to Gulf Shores, zooming from Hanna City to Peoria for quilting, volunteering at Midwest Food Bank and Bereans. Dad always called her his go-go girl. Mom doesn't stay home very often. I'd imagine in a couple years she will be back trying to win another set. What is funny is that it would actually be cheaper to just go to Riekers but this way she is giving a nice donation to the home.
Consider this next paragraph an invitation. Mark and I are giving lunch in Peoria today and have ordered plenty. We would love to see YOU there. The church address is 3420 N Sheridan Rd Peoria IL 61604. The first service starts at 10:00 am, lunch around 11:00 am, second service 12:15 pm. You will be welcomed and fed both body and soul.

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