Saturday, October 8, 2016

Big Brave Emma

Our Big Brave English Mastiff, 7 year old Emma, has always been and still is a big fraidy cat! This morning was typical, she needs to go outside to the bathroom but it is dark outside. She stands at the door, looks outside, backs up a bit, goes back to the door and finally whines. The door is opened, she gingerly steps outside, neck hair raised, tail straight out while she tries to see if there is anything out in the dark that might jump out at her. After standing this way for a few moments, finally steps to the end of the patio, again hesitates looking at the grass but not brave enough to walk into the grass, squats down on the edge of the patio and relieves herself. Oh great, now I have to hose off the patio!
This dog weighs at least 170 pounds and if someone comes to the door or in our yard during the daytime one would think she was a monster. She ferociously barks, losing saliva as she jumps up on her back two legs against the patio door standing around 6 feet high. Truly a frightening sight and yet this same dog is afraid of the dark. Go figure!
This morning as soon as it is light enough outside the truck needs to be hooked back up to the trailer, Bunni and Cookie loaded along with the camera for the Spoon River Drive day 3. Hope we get lots of customers. 

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