Friday, October 28, 2016

Costume Party Time

Rhoda came today to help with taking video's of 3 of the foals. The lady that bought Rosalie's filly wanted a video of her and today we got that done.

The link was emailed to her but we haven't heard yet if she got the video and if she likes what she sees. We usually don't like to video any of the foals until they are around 3 months old as that will show better what they will be like as adults.
Below are a couple pictures of her also taken today.

Indy's filly was pulled out of the paddock and she needed a bath. After the rain we had the last few days she was pretty muddy. After her bath she was put in the stall to dry out while Zalena's filly was taken out for a video and pictures. Below are a couple pictures of her. She is so very fancy I think we would like to keep her so tomorrow I'm going to post the video and new pictures on the website and up her price to $12,000.00. I think she is worth every penny. She has amazing movement and check out that neck.

By the time we finished with her Angelica (Indy's filly) had dried off, so she was taken out for her turn.
 This is a very hairy filly, check out the feather on her. 
 She is very sensible and pretty much accepted anything Rhoda asked her to do. But don't think by looking at the picture below this filly is trained to ride. 
When we finished Mom asked Rhoda to come over to trim Molly's nails. 

  When we arrived Karin was there working on her costume for the party tonight. She brought along her date for the evening, the invisible man.
Except Studly also wanted to go so he was dressed up as a lion. Below that vicious lion is attacking Rhoda.
After seeing Karin and the invisible man together we talked her out of going with him, he just didn't seem to have much substance, a total light weight and was terrible about carrying on a conversation. For sure not the life of the party. 
Rhoda and Karin worked on her new costume, she went as a lion tamer.
We picked up mom about 6:25 pm and headed over to David Jacob's house for the party. That was in full swing. To see all the pictures click HERE
This evening Sarah and Nolan brought Addyson and Jack over to trick or treat then headed over to the party too. We had a good time.

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