Sunday, October 30, 2016

John Honegger

We left this morning for church with no idea what this day would bring. Greg Rumbold had the morning service which was Spirit filled then of course our typical noisy lunch hour. We made our way into the sanctuary for the singing when I noticed a text had come from Diane. Her father-in-law John Honegger was fading fast and the family had been called in. He had been taken to the hospital on Tuesday but we didn't know this was life threatening. Yesterday John was working on planning his wife, Wilma's funeral in case he didn't make it telling Mike and Diane, "You can do what ever you want with my funeral but I want Wilma to have happy songs." Wilma, his wife was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's at 61 years old. John was such an example of loving his wife through all these rough years to so many people. He passed away about 1:15 pm today with all the family around. We could hardly believe it and still have a tough time realizing this is true.
After church Rhoda and Sarah brought their husbands Lee and Nolan out for a trail ride.

If you would like to see the rest of these pictures click HERE.
The second trail ride of the day was scheduled at 3:00 pm. About 2:55 pm I got a call from Karin wondering where the horses were. She was pleased to find they were all tacked up and ready for the next group to head out.

To see the rest of the pictures from that trail ride click HERE.
Mark and I were invited over to Phil and Anna's for dinner tonight with the rest of the family. We were only missing Israel and Stephanie. Israel was not feeling well. Below is Jace playing with Sarah and Nolan's puppy.
 Tonight we were celebrating Taegan's 4th birthday and Kensley's 2nd birthday which we decided to do after the volley ball games at the playground. 

 When the games finally finished we went back to Phil and Anna's for the birthday party. Sarah is holding Elisabet in the picture below. David brought her to give Stephanie some quality time with Israel. 
 below Taegan and Kensley are getting ready to blow out their candles.

 The fab four waiting for cake and icecream.

The kids all stayed at Phil and Anna's to watch the Cubs play in the world series. They won tonight but the Indians lead the series 3 games to 2. This was a must win and somehow they pulled it out. Even mom was watching the game, not because she likes baseball but dad always rooted for the cubs. Sarah Reinhard posted: Watching the game tonight with Grandma, who isn't really a Cubs fan. Think she was watching it for Grandpa, who was, but she got pretty into it. She commented, "This is stressful! It's a good thing Grandpa isn't here to see this, he would just have a heart attack!!!" I blinked at her, then reminded her, he died 12 years ago, from heart trouble.

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