Saturday, October 8, 2016

Spoon River Drive Day 3

It was cold this morning. Almost needed gloves for the feeding and hooking up the trailer. Almost seemed to have frost on the ground but it wasn't. By the time I got the feeding done, the truck hooked up, Bunni and Cookie loaded it was after 7:20 am. Thankfully the day warmed up nicely and the crowds came out for this 3rd day of the Spoon River Drive. Karin and I were swamped with people wanting to give their children or themselves a ride on the horses. We were so very thankful when Shaeya, Wren and Anne arrived. Check out the crowds in the picture below.
We were so busy giving pony rides no popcorn was made and only 16 bags of cotton candy. Truly there just wasn't a break the entire day. If you would like to see the pictures of the day feel free to click HERE but fair warning, there are a LOT of pictures. We had the best one day total probably ever giving pony rides at the Spoon River Drive collecting $359.50 which will all go towards Ribbon's surgery. 
We were so glad when 4:00 pm arrived. We practically threw the horses in the trailer, cleaned up the area and were out of there by 4:10 pm.
There was still work to do at home, Oksana was teased and showed she was covered by Evan. Joanna and Adara were moved over into the weanling paddock as their paddock was about out of hay. 
Mark and Tim worked on repairing Tim's dam. Nick helped Mark with cutting wood. Joan split wood most of the day, bringing the tractor back at dark. We are ALL exhausted. 

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