Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ribbon's Update

Last night many people asked about Ribbon. I have been just too busy to update but have a few minutes now while waiting for the sky to lighten enough to work outside without a flash light. Hoerr vet clinic was called Tuesday morning and Chris, the receptionist, was asked if he knew if anything had been scheduled. His reply was "not yet." Dr Hoerr was sent a text asking if anything had been scheduled but no reply came back. He must be swamped after the holiday on Monday probably doesn't need to be bugged about Ribbon. It is just so hard for us to wait. As long as Ribbon isn't working she is able to breath fine. She snores when standing and we hear a lot of rattle if she is walking but is able to easily get enough breath for her big body. Now that the weather has turned cooler it is easier for her. Her colt is doing great.

He is still very friendly, loves scratches and loves to play with Rosalie's filly. Until we have the surgery done we really do not know what the cost is going to be, we have a general idea if the surgeon must do a faceflap but it could be quite a bit less if the tumor can be removed through the nostril. Ribbon is a special mare, her training has been extensive and she has been perfect for teaching children and adults how to canter. I guess we can only wait.

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