Monday, October 10, 2016

A Morning With Grandma

Oksana had be to covered as soon as it was light enough to see, you see this grandma was going to have company. Anna dropped off the girls early and we had fun. Karin had a trail ride scheduled for 10:00 am and came over a bit early to rehash the weekend before the guests arrived. Before the trail ride Bunni and Cookie were taken into the round pen so the little kids could ride.

We sure have enjoyed that round pen. That was a good purchase.
The horses used today were Bunni, Cookie, Eliza and her daughter Oksana. Eliza has finally gained back enough weight now that her colt is weaned and gone to go out on the trails. Below is Jessica on Eliza.
She is still thin, but is gaining quickly. Oksana on the other hand is a tank. 
Karin rode her and had Oksana lead the way. 
 Above Bunni and Cookie are getting in a quick graze while their riders wait for the signal to mount. Below Karin is leading the way on Okana followed by Jessica and Wren riding Eliza, Shaeya and Takoa riding Cookie and Diamond bringing up the rear on Bunni. 
As soon as the horses left on the trail ride, the cotton candy machine was plugged in and turned on. 
 Once the horses were put away, Karin helped unhook the Exiss trailer from the truck and hook up the stock trailer. Bunni, Cookie, Sangria and her filly were taken out to Middle Grove. As soon as I got back the popcorn machine was cleaned up along with the cotton candy machine and the machines put away. They won't be brought out again until the March show. Mark spent the evening chain sawing wood over by Joan's house.
Diane sent a few pictures from Gulf Shores. Sure looks like everyone is having a great time.

 Below mom, miss Molly and Aunt Jinnie are enjoying the beach 
 Mom called to report the boogie boarding was no good these last few days the gulf water is calm. 

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