Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Don't Get Attached to the Inventory

We had a brisk morning walk with the temperatures in the low 40's. I had to quit early to get to Berean. We had a good time there today. If interested, feel free to read about our fun times there by clicking HERE.
I didn't get home until 2:30 pm. Dan followed me into the driveway and he had Diesel his Great Dane with him. Poor Diesel is not feeling well but Dan reported he has gained a couple pounds back since he is on the medicine for Blasto.
The shipper for Briana was suppose to arrive this evening so Emily and I decided we had better practice loading with her.
This very special filly was walked up to the step up trailer and she stepped right in. The ramp was dropped on the other trailer and again she walked right up the ramp and in. We will not have to worry about her loading. It really pays that the foals are loaded with their dams from early on going back and forth from Middle Grove. The shipper called to report she is planning on being her tomorrow at 10:00 am. Hope she is either early or late as there are volunteers coming to the Berean office tomorrow and I need to be there. Briana was put back in with her 2 companions then Eliza and Jenis called in for their grain. Jenis gave me a scare today. She didn't seem interested in eating her grain and that never happens.  She was standing over by the window, was led over to the bucket, she stood there then started eating and finished it all as Emily and I were visiting.
A neat email came in today from the lady that lost out on Jewel's filly by Evan this year. She writes: Hello Judy--
I see that your babies are selling! Congratulations.
I wonder if you are planning to breed Jewel back to Evan for next year? and if so, I am interested in reserving the foal  or giving you a deposit for the future foal? Is this something you have done in the past?
I have been looking high and low, and the more I look, the better my eye becomes, and I truly love the babies that combination has produced! and I terribly regret that I didnt recognize jewel's filly from the start.
anyway, please let me know If I may reserve Jewel's 2017 baby, and I will send you a deposit.
thanks so much!
We do not reserve in-utero but she was emailed back to let her know she is first on the list. Jewel was bred back to Evan and is due July 15th, 2017, she usually delivers 3 weeks early and as soon as she does and we know the foal is healthy she will have first choice then to put down a deposit or not. Below are 3 of Jewel's fancy foals by Evan. 

They aren't just beautiful their movement is truly amazing. We had the opportunity to sell Jewel as a foal for $7500.00 but just couldn't do it. She is the last foal out of our Thoroughbred mare Grace and by Raven. Of course she is a lifer here along with about 20-30 more. And people say..."don't get attached to the inventory."

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