Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Briana HM

Emily was ready to help with the video of Soul's filly at 7:00 am but it just wasn't light enough. We had to wait until about 10 minutes after and even then the pictures and video turned out a little dark. Below are a few pictures of this session.

Briana didn't show off as much as we hoped, but even so her movement is still impressive.

We put Briana back with the other fillies at 7:25 am so I could join the walkers. Right after the walk the video was rendered and while it was uploading to youtube Kroger was called to order the chicken salad for the wedding shower tomorrow for Emily and Mitchel. The next job was to hook the trailer back up and head to Middle Grove to pick up mares. Jenis and Ayanna will be used for a trail ride on Friday and needed to come home. Sangria was suppose to come back too but I decided to just forget having her sonagrammed. If she is in foal great if not I will breed her in the spring. I made sure all the foals were on the correct side of the fence with the herd and the mares checked over.  Ayanna and Jenis were led down the hill, loaded and I was back on the road within 15 minutes.
Above is Ayanna and below is Jenis
Back at the farm they were both grained then turned out with the other mares. Next on the job list was to book a cruise. Diane found a 5 day cruise out of Mobile, Alabama leaving Feb 11th for a great price. We were able to get a window room for $445.67 a person and this included EVERYTHING, fees, tax and tip. So far there are 10 of us booked and going. 
This evening Tom Meister stopped at Bridlewood to check out some leaking yard hydrants and ended up digging 2 of the old ones out and replacing them with new. Glad he was willing to work after work.
Mom got a ride to church with Joan tonight but came home with us. Tim Roecker had the message. That is a story itself. Not too long ago he was giving the message at U of I and had a stroke. He was rushed to the hospital in Bloomington where it just so happened that the exact surgeon needed to remove blood clots from his brain was at that hospital and within 15 minutes taking care of Tim. Coincidence? I think not. His message was on 1 Peter.

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