Monday, October 17, 2016

Kite Flying Weather

We had a beautiful warm very windy 87 degree day. Hard to believe it is October 17th and winter will be here soon. Emily helped move in a new round bale for Evan this morning and Mike finished up Evan's breeding stand.
The horses were fed before the walk and today I was not in a hurry. As soon as the walk was over Krispy Kreme company was called to ask the to remove the charge put on my credit card for the 30 dozen donuts that Ben also ended up paying for. That didn't go quite as planned, just a promise that they will look into it. Next on the job list was to head in to Hanna City to drop off a check for Ben (to pay for the donuts) at the post office then over to Diane's office to collect a deposit for Horsemeister, run to Heritage bank to make the deposit, drive in to CEFCU in Peoria to make a deposit into the vaulting fund from the pony rides during the Spoon River Drive, drive over to Big R in Pekin and buy 700 pounds of grain and 40 pound bag of cat food, drive back to the farm and unload all the grain and cat food and then sit down and eat a left over Krispy Kreme donut for breakfast.  A message came in from someone wanting to see an updated video of Soul's filly by Valiant and she want's to see all three gaits.
This would be a 2 person job so Emily was asked when would be good and together we decided on Wednesday morning.
Next was to try to find out when Ribbon's surgery was scheduled and actually found out a lot of information. She has an appointment at Hoerr Vet Clinic on Monday October 24th, for Dr. Hoerr and Dr. Boero to examine her and go over the x-rays together. Then another appointment at Dr. Boero's in Mahomet, IL on Wednesday November 2nd for surgery.
I may see if I can get an ultrasound scheduled for her on the 24th. She was covered 21 days ago and I haven't seen her come back in. Rosalie and her filly were moved out of the big field into the paddock next to Evan's. I've not been able to catch Rosalie in season since she had her filly and I'm running out of time. Hopefully she will start to show to him soon now that she is next to him.
That filly is so special we want to make another just like her.
Mark came home early today and replaced a light fixture and a few light bulbs in the apartment. He was done abut 4:30 and the afternoon was still warm and windy so asked if we could go over to Phil and Anna's and fly a kite with the girls.
 When he brought the kite out the wind took it blew it up then down into the yard. Emma saw it through the window, thought it was some kind of predator and came bursting out ready to attack.
 The girls were thrilled to play with grandpa, but it took a bit to get the string untangled from 3 sets of very active legs that kept running around getting caught in the string. 
 Soon the kite was flying high into the sky. Below was Braelyn's turn. 
 Taegan was next. 
 Anna helped Kensley hold the string. 

 Braelyn and Taegan were doing pretty good sharing but Kensley wanted very badly to hold it all by herself. 
Thankfully she found a lawn mower to keep her occupied.
Mitchel Cooksey sent the pictures below of the trail ride yesterday at Middle Grove. It sure is beautiful out there.

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