Saturday, October 29, 2016


Last night a mystery was solved, at least one part of the mystery but now I'm concerned we have ice cream melting somewhere in the house.  I had purchased Reese's peanut butter cups and Hershey's chocolate kisses for Emily's shower Thursday night last week and told everyone there I'm taking the left overs of the candy home for Berean. We have one volunteer who pretty much only will only eat chocolate...not that that is bad.. we are pretty sure she eats healthy at home.
Well when I found out I was having company Sunday I pulled out the bag of candy for dessert plus the big tub of Ice cream. Before we left for the volley ball games I was pretty sure I'd put the ice cream back in the in the freezer. Well Monday morning the freezer was opened to get out sausage for Mark's breakfast and the ice cream was not there. Just assuming someone borrowed it during the night I didn't think anything about it. But Tuesday morning when I went to put the candy in the car for Berean the candy was gone. Mark was asked if he knew where the candy was and he said no, he had no idea what happened. No problem who ever borrowed the ice cream probably borrowed the candy. Except last night Mark remembered that he hid the candy so he wouldn't eat it. I'm laughing as I typed this as only Mark would forget where candy is hid in this tiny house. Some of the candy was taken over for the Sauder's costume party and the other put away until Tuesday, that is unless we need it again for Sunday. All was good until I remembered the ice cream. That may be melting somewhere in the house. Last night was spent looking around for a big tub of melted ice cream but thankfully that wasn't found. Praying it never will be found. Mark brought home a new car last night which helped take my mind off melted ice cream. Spark called Mark when this 2014 Prius showed up at the car auction a couple weeks ago. Mark told Spark, "go for it" and gave him an amount to spend. Spark was the winning bidder. Now Mark won't mention how much it cost but it must have been a very good buy as I know my husband. He says it can be used to haul stuff, like feed, hay bales, Bibles but there is no way I'm hauling feed in that car. It still smells new.
 We now are a 4 Prius family. We have 2, Rhoda and Lee own 1 and Ben and Taunya own one.
Rhoda was here yesterday helping with the videos of the foals so three of them were pictured above.
Speaking of videos below is the video of Zalena's filly by Valiant.
This filly really is spectacular. Zalena, her dam is 17 years old so I think this filly would be an excellent replacement for her. Plus she can be bred to Evan when old enough. Now if someone really wants her they are going to have to pay the big bucks to get her after all everything has a price.
Below are a few pictures taken after the video was finished.
We were pretty impressed with her movement, the horses all came over to watch her too. 
 Jenis is pictured above, she was the first to arrive, Below Oksana is in the lead, Ayanna to the right of her, behind her is her mother Eliza, followed by Rosalie, her filly, then Ribbon and her colt. 

 When Rhoda got on the tramp and started jumping, instead of freaking out the filly went right over and thought she was suppose to get up there with Rhoda. Rhoda had to exit the tramp quickly. 

Our next job was to tease and cover Rosalie. She really didn't show until Evan mounted then did not stand well so I'm not sure she is really in. I'll have to try again today and see if there is any change. We have another beautiful Saturday here so I'd best get out and start working.

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