Saturday, October 22, 2016

October Sunshine Makes for Great Rides.

The horses were busy today. Karin, Emily and Hanna took out a group here while Mike and Diane took 4 horses to Jubilee. Below are some pictures of the ride here at the Horsemeister farm.

They had a great ride. Mike and Diane actually spent the night at the cottage at Middle Grove last night. Early this morning they tacked up Mika, Bunni, Sally and Missy, loaded them into the stock trailer and drove to Jubilee to meet up with their other 2 riders Tim and Craig.
 It really was a beautiful day for a trail ride. They stopped, got off their horses to take a break when they heard someone say, "that's Missy!" Craig recognized the voice and sure enough there was Megan and Sandy also out for a ride.

 Mike had promised Tim and Craig to have them done by noon but they missed the trail and got just a little lost making it back by 12:30 pm. I don't think anyone really minded. It was such a nice day Mike and Diane took the horses over to Andrew's new house to let Irelyn and Ella ride the horses.

They had so much fun that when the horses were loaded up so were Ella and Irelyn. Mike brought the horses back to the farm and took Ella out on the trails here. Mika, Sally, Bunni and Missy will be spending the night in the cabin field.
Mark and I worked on repairing fences and installing gates. We had to quit early today as tonight was rotating potluck at Jozef and Tina's house. We had a great time. The food was excellent and the company even better. Bob and Michell, Dean and Holly and Erin and Dusty rounded out the group.
A neat text came in from the person that bought Whitney's filly by Valiant. Below is the filly at a few days old:
Now check out the picture Brian sent of Valerie at 15 months old:
Oh my has she changed. He writes she is 16 hands at 15 months old. Whitney is expecting another foal by Valiant April 5th, 2017, that one is sure to be another beauty!

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