Sunday, October 23, 2016

Such A Gorgeous Day

A family text came in early this morning that Anna had to take Braelyn in to the emergency room. She has been vomiting off and on since Friday and today complained about pain in her stomach. Poor Braelyn had to be given IV fluids and have a lot of blood tests taken. They finally let her come home late this afternoon, feeling better but being watched for appendicitis. Other than that we had a very blessed Sunday. Rachel and David were serving lunch today and left early to get everything done. Rachel always does a lot of baking and we get to enjoy the fruits of her labor. Tim Funk had the morning service and Greg Rumbold had the afternoon service.  We were ALL so happy to hear ANOTHER engagement announcement. Lanae Christ and David Beutel were announced in Peoria today. Below are the happy couple along with their parents:
That is 5 weddings to look forward to. The lunch room was buzzing with excited happy voices after that shocker.
Phil dropped off Taegan and Kensley after church so they came with me to help with feeding the horses.
 Above is Eliza in front of Rosalie and her filly, below is Ribbon and her colt. 

 Above is Ayanna and below is Oksana

 Above is Eliza, she is still a bit thin from nursing her big colt but now that he is weaned and gone for sure picking up weight. Ribbon and her colt are pictured below. 
 Taegan loves to climb to the top of the golf cart.

Since we have 8 riding horses here Sarah and Nolan brought out some of their work friends for a trail ride. Karin and Mika were the leaders with Rebekah and Ayanna bringing up the rear incase anyone needed assistance. The ride went great. Karin lead the way with Mika, followed by Nolan on Jenis, then Missy, Bunni, Sally, Eliza, Oksana and Ayanna.

 To see the rest of the trail ride pictures click HERE. All the horses were well behaved.  After the ride we had supper then went to the playground for the usual volley ball games. 
Below Israel is climbing up to jump on the trampoline. 
 Tate is ready to show us his new trick. 
 Kensley is getting a drink. 
 Willow showing Israel and Taegan a trick to try. 
 Rebekah wanted to play and Rachel was tired after serving lunch all day so she offered to hold little Riley, Rebekah and Brian's baby girl. 
We had a pleasant evening visiting with each other and watching the very entertaining games. Winter will arrive soon and the volley ball will be moved inside, the horses taken back to Middle Grove making Sunday evening much quieter and dare I say boring.

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