Friday, October 7, 2016

Sangria's Filly Sold

Well it was worth my trip out to Middle Grove yesterday even though I needed to wait there for Karin's help with leading Aletia (Sangria's filly) away from the herd over to her mom and down to the trailer. The buyers showed up at 7:18 this morning and bought her. She was marked sold on the website and everywhere else I could remember posting her. They were pretty thrilled with how sweet she was and when we took her to the round pen they were amazed at her movement taking lots of video.
Since this filly isn't yet weaned, she is just barely 4 months old, they will be picking her up in November but put down a deposit which will help with Ribbon's surgery. We still don't have an estimate for what is needing to be done with Ribbon. Dr. Hoerr said with this type of tumor they need to do a face flap which is cutting through the bone in her face, taking off a section, going in to remove the tumor then reattaching the bone. I dread the recovery time after and am praying there is another way. Poor Ribbon, I can hear her trying to breath from quite a distance away. She snores!
We are far short of the goal but I am humbled and amazed at what has been given. The Go-fund-me keeps a total, if interested in seeing it click HERE.

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