Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Shower

We had a very productive morning at the Berean office this morning. To read about our work there click HERE. After leaving there I ran to Sam's Club to pick up the food for the wedding shower then over to the fellowship hall to drop the food off. Next was to run to the Bartonville post office to drop off the Bibles and studies then to Kroger to pick up the chicken salad. I had a couple hours to waste before needing to head to the Fellowship hall for the shower so called Jenis and Eliza in for their grain and gave each a good groom. Jenis was filthy. She had rolled in the mud at Middle Grove to keep the flies off. Thankfully Eliza was clean. Ayanna and Oksana both got into a cockleburr bush, their forelocks and manes were covered. I spent a good hour removing cockleburrs before needing to come in, clean up and head out. They will need to be finished tomorrow morning before the scheduled trail ride.
Diane, Rhonda, Joan, Ruth and I were putting the shower on for Emily and Mitchel and were thankful when Rhoda, Taunya and Sarah arrived early to help prepare the food. The shower was well attended and fun. Below are a few shower pictures.

 The picture below has a story to it. Eva Jean came to work one day with this beautiful purple coat. Rhoda looked at the coat and said, "Eva Jean I love that coat can I have it when you die?" Emily walked in and also admired the coat but Rhoda told her she asked for it first. As a joke Eva Jean wrapped the coat up and gave it to Emily tonight. Rhoda's reaction was priceless. "HEY" she yelled, "Eva Jean, I ASKED FIRST!" We all had a good laugh but made Emily give Eva Jean back her coat before the evening was over.
 One of the gifts Emily and Mitchel received tonight was a fancy new pitch fork so we asked them to pose for a picture. 

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