Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Pretty In Pink

I had a weird dream this morning, probably had something to do with the hundreds of one dollar bills taken in to the bank yesterday, but I dreamed I was at the all church cookout and forgot my head covering, looking through my purse I could only come up with lots of one dollar bills so just slapped one of those on and was pinning it down when the thought when through, "maybe this isn't a good idea, " and then I woke up. Hmmm do you suppose that filthy lucre, made by skipping church giving pony rides, is affecting my spiritual life? Today was another warm sunny day again reaching into the 80s. I had to quit the walk a bit early to get down to TEMCO for the Berean mail and then make it to the Berean office by 9:00 am. To read about our morning there click HERE.
As soon as I got back to the farm the 5 foals were all de-wormed with Ivermectin then grained. Eliza was also taken out and grained and the water tank cleaned and filled. Mark came home early and together we finished repairing the post and rails of the outdoor arena. He took the tractor out to split wood but I had another job just waiting. Soul's filly was taken into the round pen and left loose while I weeded and cleaned up old hay and manure. Tomorrow morning Emily and I will hopefully get a decent video of her using the round pen. She followed me around watching everything I was doing.
Once that job was done and the filly put away I went to help Mark with the wood. We quit at dark. Karin called to report Jenis has lost weight at Middle Grove and that Sangria's filly was on the wrong side of the fence. Not sure how that happened but Karin was able to get her back in the right field. The other mares are all doing great. Roxanne and Rosaleigh are both doing the extended bow so Karin will probably start working on the lay down soon with both of these fillies. We decided to meet at Middle Grove tomorrow afternoon to pick up Jenis, Ayanna, Sangria and her filly. Karin has a trail ride scheduled on Friday. Ayanna will go back out but Jenis will just stay here for extra grain. Sangria will need an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy.
A message came in from the lady that bought Lily's filly: Capella's Valiant Lady formally known as Joanna made it to her new home in Florida. We got so wrapped up with our precious little girl I forgot to let you know she is here & we love her. She came off the trailer calm, went into the stall, drank & started eating right away. She has one companion (pictured) and many other horses on the property to visit. 
Mom ordered new bedspreads for her second bedroom at the Gulf Shore's condo. That room has a queen bed and mom is also putting up bunk beds in there so she wanted the bedspreads to match. 
 The spreads are reversible. She is pretty happy with them and I think she chose well. 
While I was admiring the bedspread Luke, Logan, Jessica and Princess Leia arrived. The princess was sporting a brand new coat with her name on it.
 The coat is pink but the flash bothered the princess so the next two pictures were taken without the flash and does not show the true colors.

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