Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Briana Leaves for California

Brrr, we had a cold rain with lightning and thunder last night, a break in the weather for our walk but the rain started right back up again this morning and it seemed to rain off and on all day. We only got a half inch here in Hanna City. The heavier rainfall was happening at the Berean office but we were warm and dry working there. To read about our morning there click HERE. On our walk mom came walking up with a wheel barrow:
She had cleaned out some book shelves and was throwing away magazines. This was an easy way to carry them to the dumpster. She went shopping yesterday at Mission Mart and came home with a chair for her bathroom. It was exactly what she was looking for and she got it for $8.00.
 We asked her to try it out for us. Yep it fits perfectly. 
 Soul's filly, Briana was suppose to be leaving this morning but the shipper called to say it would be more like 2:30 pm which meant after Berean I had plenty of time to bring her into a stall to dry off and groom up. She had some mud on her back legs so that was hosed off a bit. Eliza and Jenis were brought inside too for their extra feeding but when I took them out Briana got upset in the barn all by herself. The other 2 fillies, Adara and Angelica were brought inside and stalled across the hall and all three promptly settled down to eat. Briana's owner asked for pictures before she shipped out. Since it was raining outside these were just taken into the stall and the phone used then sent.

I went back into the house to wait. Around 3:20 pm the shipper called. They were sitting down on Glasford rd afraid to pull into the driveway. Their rig was long and they were worried about going off the edge. Briana was led down the hill to the main road, loaded quickly and off they drove. She will have a long trip to California. The shippers were going to be stopping pretty quickly for the night. They had 3 other horses on board, each with a nice big box stall heavily bedded with straw, a water bucket and plenty of hay. She is going to be traveling in style.
Mark drove to church, Greg Rumbold had the service. It was raining again when we got out but tomorrow afternoon the sun is suppose to shine and warm our area up. By Friday it is suppose to hit 70 degrees.

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