Friday, October 14, 2016

Joanna On Her Way

Joanna left in style for Florida today, the only horse on a big 4 horse trailer. She was given the entire trailer to move around in with a fresh bag of bedding. She would have preferred to be traveling with another horse but will soon settle down. She loaded like a pro, quietly walking into the trailer then standing still when I stepped out. Funny how we know these foals are raised for someone else and yet when they leave think, "oh I hope they like her, or surely they will feed her, or will they love her?" Below she is just a day old.

She was just huge when born. Below she is 9 days old, we thought it was so cute when she stuck her head out of the arena to see what we were doing. We had Lily out grazing, Joanna ran inside the arena, stuck her head out then ran back out to her mom.
 She was having a ball running around.
At 2 and a half months old we were shocked at her movement. Her trot was so huge it was easy to get pictures of her with all 4 hooves off the ground. 
She was brought in from Middle Grove at 5 months old for weaning and just look at how beautiful this filly turned out. Her neck is amazing, her beauty obvious and her movement fantastic. 
Emily did round pen reasoning on her and we were so happy with how smart she is, understanding quickly what was asked and wanting to please. 
She is such a beautiful example of a Friesian foal with presence, grace and that 'look at me attitude'. 

 Below Emily is leading her back to the paddock. 
Everyone one of Lily's foals by Valiant are so special they are hard to give up. Hopefully this new owner will keep us updated with pictures, we would love to see how she turns out.

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