Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fall Trail Ride

It was chilly when we awoke, perfect weather to split wood and that's what we did most of the morning. Mark would split and I would stack. While waiting for him to build up a big pile the horses were fed and the water tank filled. Eliza and Jenis were in the stall eating and getting the mud knocked off when Diane arrived on her golf cart with two of her grandsons, Tate and Crew. Tate took Crew around on Diane's golf cart while we visited ending over at the playground. Mom and Karin came out to visit and Karin happened to have Studly's lion costume so we tried it on Emma. What do you think, Does she make a better looking lion than Studly?
Karin had a trail ride scheduled for noon today. She wanted 4 horses for this ride. The weather was absolutely  beautiful, 80 degrees, sunshine and a breeze. I needed to run to Sam's for groceries and was pushing it to make it home by noon when Karin sent a text that it would be more like 12:30 pm. Ruth rode Paris over to join this ride which featured Sarah Reinhard riding Jenis, Karin Meister riding Ayanna, Jessica Sauder riding Eliza, Anni Davidovics riding Oksana and Ruth riding Paris.

The horses and riders all did great. Even with the sudden gun shots going off when they were in the deep dark woods. The horses jumped but so did the riders. Thankfully none of our horses look like deer and the riders were pretty colorfully dressed.  If interested in looking at the rest of this trail ride pictures click HERE
The video below is of Angelica. This is Indy's daughter by Evan and is going to be very tall, well over 16 hands.  She is for sale and she is pretty special. Check out her movement in the video below but also check out how obedient and willing this filly is. 
She not only moves nice, she is going to have the extreme FEATHER so desired for all Friesians. She has a tremendous amount of feather at only 6 months old. 
 She pretty much accepted anything Rhoda asked of her, even giving Ruby a ride. 

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