Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Feeling Humbled

After midnight last night Darcy fell off her bed and needed help. Once she was situated I sat down at the computer and read a comment from Sarah telling me that Nolan thinks I should start a go-fund-me page for Ribbon. Never having done that before and really not comfortable asking people for money I really didn't want to do it but after praying about it decided to give it a try. Click HERE if you would like to see that link. When morning arrived I was shocked to see a nice lady named Colleen had donated $100.00 dollars. I don't even know her but she wanted us to make sure Ribbon has the surgery she needs. AMAZING! After our walk I headed to the Berean office to try to catch up on yesterday's work. We had a new volunteer come and were able to get everything done before noon. To read about our morning there click HERE.
My next big job today was to move the horses back from the summer pasture into the winter pasture. The trailer was disconnected from the truck and 2 buckets of grain loaded into the truck along with 2 salt blocks. When I arrived at Middle Grove the truck was driven right up the hill to where the horses were hanging out. Grain was dumped in the back of the truck and off I drove slowly back down the hill, stopping every so often to dump more grain and call the mares lagging behind. It went better than expected and I was home by 1:00 pm.  Rosalie and Roxanne were both teased and neither showed but I'm pretty sure Rosalie is coming in. Tomorrow morning I'll try to get her covered. Emily came out to help tease and then work Brianna, Soul's filly by Valiant. Brianna was taken out to the round pen for instructions. She is now weaned but needs work on leading.
She has really good movement, using her back legs to reach way under as she pushes off.

Who ever ends up with her is going to be amazed. Both Indy's filly and Soul's filly were put in with the other 4 weanlings this afternoon and the electric fence plugged back in. We don't trust Indy's filly, she might just decide to jump out of the paddock.
Mark drove Ruth and I to church tonight. We stopped at Aldi on the way in to pick up 3 gallons of milk, 2 for Ruth and 1 for us. Thankfully we remembered to take the milk home with us after church. After church I was amazed to see that more people had donated money for Ribbon.
Diane sent along a couple more pictures from the warm sunny south. She and Pam walked down to the pier at sunrise.

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