Friday, October 7, 2016


The 10:00 am appointment coming to see Joanna sent a text that they were not going to make it. This came as Joanna was getting a good groom to knock all the mud off her from the 2 inch rainfall yesterday. Oh well, the lady that wants to buy her is from Florida where she lives on the beach of the exact town that hurricane Matthew was suppose to hit. She had to evacuate her horse and household to Sarasota. She told me how helpful people were when trying to find a stable for her horse. The people that took in the horse not only did not charge her they offered to feed for her in the morning so she could get a good nights sleep. Now before you think, why would a lady from Florida say she would be here at 10:00 am, she was not coming herself but was sending her daughter who lives in Indiana. Well the daughter found out even though Indiana is a neighboring state it was still a 6 hour trip. The daughter asked me to send updated pictures to her mom then said when she comes she will be coming with a truck and trailer. They just need to make sure their place was still standing. Below are a couple pictures taken this afternoon of Joanna.
 She was playing with the lead rope in the picture below. 
I stopped in at Frenches to pay for the oil change on the truck and found Rachel there dropping off a flat tire. Rachel offered to bring me back so I could pick the truck up instead of waiting for Mark to come home. Diane called while out on the beach. She was watching mom and Aunt Jinnie boogie board and had to exclaim right then, "wow they caught a good wave." Mom is 84 years old and Aunt Jinnie is 87. I hope I grow up to be just like them. Diane was suppose to take pictures and a video of the next wave but she hasn't sent any yet.
Joan and her children were taken 5000 envelopes yesterday in hopes they could get the return address stamped on them. Tonight Joan brought over 3 boxes, that is 1500 envelopes all stamped and ready for Berean on Wednesday. Sarah Reinhard brought over some guests to go riding. They rode Bunni and Cookie and all had a great time. No pictures, I was too busy to get out there.
Tomorrow is the 3rd day of the Spoon River Drive. I need to get the trailer hooked back up and pull out with the horses by 7:30 am.

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