Sunday, October 9, 2016

Spoon River Drive Day 4

Our last day of the 2016 Spoon River Drive started out cold but warmed up so much that we were all wishing we had worn shorts.
On Sunday's we don't start until 1:00 pm so I was able to listen on line to the Peoria church for the morning service. We had 2 more engagement announcements today. We are going to be busy with showers and weddings in Peoria as both of these were Peoria girls.  Janelle Grassi was announced to Nelson Eisenmann and Paige Elsasser was announced to Gabe Meiss.
I loaded up the horses and made it to Farmington by 11:30 am giving me time to make lots of popcorn and cotton candy before Karin arrived to tack up the horses. We had the horses all ready and in the arena with 3 minutes to spare. There were already customers lined up waiting. Below are a few pictures of the afternoon.

To see the rest of today's pictures click HERE.  We were late shutting down, before we could get the temporary arena down more customers would come and ask, "is it too late?" Once the horses were loaded and all the equipment put away Karin took off to remove the signs and I stayed to clean up the mess from the cotton candy machine. I finally made it home about 5:30 pm tired but thankful no one got hurt all 4 days. No one got stepped on or fell off. We really do have good horses. 
The volley ball players were already here and playing by the time the horses were unloaded. The trailer clean out was left to do tomorrow. Just too tired tonight. We made $157.00 today and then Pat Gomes stopped by to donate $50.00 to Ribbon's fund and $50.00 to Berean! A big big thank you PAT!

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