Thursday, October 13, 2016

Oksana and Rosalie

Oksana was teased early this morning but did not show. She will be marked down as out. I still can't get Rosalie to show. I may have to spring for an ultrasound on her or just wait until spring. Eliza was just left out to eat her grain and I meant to put her back in before leaving for work but forgot and didn't remember until after work. We had a productive morning at the Berean office. To read about that click HERE. While at work the lady buying Joanna called to report the shipper would like to pick her up tomorrow. That meant right after work a trip to Dr. Hoerr's for a health certificate for travel. When I got back to the farm Rhoda was here working Oksana. Eliza was still walking around loose so was put in a paddock and grained again but when Rhoda saw her she reported that she saw her loose and grained her. No wonder Eliza didn't really want to eat her grain and wanted back in with the other mares. Rhoda took Oksana out on the trails first.
 Oksana is doing great on the trails, she will go by herself or with a group, she will lead or follow. Next was arena work. This 4 year old Raven daughter is doing amazing well. Rhoda feels she is going to be beginner safe and a fun ride this year. Now if we can only get her pregnant and a live foal out of her.

 Rhoda finished up her work with some trick training. Below is Oksana bowing. 
Next out was Rosalie. Today for the first time ever leg wraps were put on Rosalie. She was picking up her back feet high trying to figure out what they were but soon forgot about them. Below Rhoda is getting ready to tack her up while her filly watches Rhoda's dog Ruby. 
 Rhoda took them out to the round pen first. Oksana came right over to watch this training session.
 Rosalie's filly by Evan has big movement and is gorgeous, I was pleased to see she too has springs for legs and need to get a video of her. She is just 6 weeks old and we usually video at 3 months. She is for sale for only $5500.00. She is 7/8ths Friesian 1/8th Warmblood and 100% beautiful. She also sports feather that starts from the back of her knees and a huge thick long tail for her age. 
 Rhoda first asked for Rosalie to move both directions then introduced the bag. In the past Rosalie was nervous of anything over her head. She is doing very well with her training.
 Rhoda rode her first in the round pen and Rosalie did so well she was taken into the outdoor arena.
 She was able to walk, trot, and canter with no problem. Rosalie is another Raven daughter we are so very glad we kept. She did so well that Rhoda thinks she should take her to the March show. 

Rhoda finished Rosalie's training with a bow but I forgot to download those pictures. Mark got home early from work today so the rest of the afternoon was spent splitting wood. Joanna is leaving for her new home tomorrow morning. The shipper just called and will be here shortly after 8:00 am. I'd better get her paper work ready. 

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