Friday, March 26, 2010

Our Last Day

Rachel and David plus their 5 kids all made it down to Gulf Shores around 7:00am. We greeted them, then left for Hazel's for a wonderful breakfast. The only down side was they charged $4.99 for Addyson eating at the buffet and she only ate a few grapes. We were laughing that those few grapes were the most expensive food items of the entire trip.
Once back at the condo the kids started a volley ball game while mom and I headed to the beach for fishing. The fish were not biting, in fact they have not been biting the entire 2 weeks we have been here. We were blessed to see a pod of dolphin not too far from the beach chasing some bigger fish. The fish were jumping out of the water to get away from them and one dolphin jumped out of the water entirely. After watching the free dolphin show until they got too far away for us to follow with our eyes we headed over to the pool. It seemed like the entire group of 19 people were all crashed out at the pool. We had bright sunshine so it got pretty hot. A little before noon the kids all headed back to the condo for more volley ball. We watched their very competitive games for awhile before heading back to the beach. How wonderful that we have such nice weather for our last day. Rachel ordered 5 pizza's for dinner and we added our left over steak, hamburgers, peas, and chips and all 19 of us had a very filling dinner with ice cream yet to serve. We will have a singing out on the deck tonight. while we were waiting for the pizza's the dolphins came back right in front of our condo and put on quite a show. They were slapping the water with their flippers and tails. There was a large pod of them diving down about 50 yards past the sand bar. It was really neat to see them coming up from their dive, blowing, then diving back down.
Taunya thought she would get some packing done, started packing her suitcase went into the other room and when she came back this is what she saw. Addyson was having a good time helping her unpack.

Mom, Mark and I will be pulling out early next morning while the rest will be heading out later in the day.
All good news from home and we can't wait to get back to our dogs and horses. Oh yes we will be glad to see family also.

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  1. Thanks for letting us come down early to play w/your kids. You guys have an awesome much fun to hang out with. Wish you all could have stayed a few more days. We will miss having you. Thanks for making us feel so welcome!