Saturday, March 13, 2010

Off to the Coast

Last night, the girls finally used the Christmas gift from Mark and I and their scheduled pedicures. This was great except they insisted I go along and they also bought ME a pedicure. It was a first for both Karin and I. Karin was teasing that they were going to have to take the power sander out for my feet and we all laughed until I saw him (the man giving me the pedicure) walk over to the table and get out his power tools. OK, I guess I really don't take very good care of my feet! Once he was done with about every tool in the book, it was like,"ooo la la!" After all 6 of us were done we met the men and had dinner at Logan's Steak House then home to finish laundry and pack.
Mom was afraid her alarm would not go off at 4:00am and wanted a phone call. Even though it is just the 2 of us traveling and really there is no deadline, she could not be convinced to not worry, that whenever she wakes up and gets here would be a great time to leave. She REALLY wants to leave at 5:00am so of course I was up about every hour checking the time. Finally around 3:50am just decided may as well get up, put the suitcase and cooler in the car, and then sit with a fresh cup of coffee while I wait for 5:00am. The drive down to the gulf is easy only 14 hours, this way we will arrive, if all goes well, around 7:00pm.
The cooler at this moment is probably the most expensive piece of equipment in the car as it is filled with meat. Yesterday I bought a whole 16 pound prime rib roast and had it sliced into steaks which was then repackaged and placed in the freezer. The cooler is also packed with a 6 pound bag of frozen chicken breast, 3 pounds of sausage, 3 pounds of Oscar Meyer bacon, and 5 dozen fresh brown eggs. Not that there is no food in Gulf Shores, there is a Wal-Mart right in town, it just down at the Gulf, it is hard to find GOOD beef and as long as I'm taking a cooler, I may as well take the fresh eggs and what ever else fits. I will be feeding only 4 ladies the first week and my precious family of 12 for the second week.
I'm taking the lap top but may not have internet until we are able to get into mom's condo on Thursday. If I don't answer emails right away, just be patient.
Time to GO!!!!

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