Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Already Wednesday

OK, the internet was fixed on Monday but Tuesday was out and the repair man could not be here until Wed around 11:00am but he got it fixed and we are again on line. I haven't heard from anyone today about Lily's filly but yesterdays news was all good.
Yesterday was our nicest day yet, bright sunshine and warm. This is Addyson all ready to head over to the pool. Phil, Anna and Mark went out fishing before sunrise and the only fish caught was hardly big enough to give the herons. Mom went boogie boarding after fishing for hours and not getting a single bite. The waves knocked her down while fishing but had settled down some by the time she got the boards out for surfing. The kids spent hours by the pool, some swimming (briefly) and some reading or napping. David, Phil, Anna, and Ben walked up to the public beach where a volleyball tournament was just starting. They got in a few pickup games and won them all. As they told us "oh they weren't that good, they were just college kids!" If they had known of the tournament they probably would have entered and got their fix of volleyball for the trip. The tournament had many teams entered and it was double elimination. Gary and Nancy Schmidgall decided to honor us by spending the day with us.
David had 2 coworkers and their families come over for dinner so Mark and Gary grilled hamburgers over at the pool. We had 22 people for dinner and only 4 hamburger patties left once everyone had their fill. Then it was over to mom's condo for the rest of the evening.
Today we watched the sun rise through the heavy fog then walked. There is not much garbage on the beach, spring break is over for some colleges and starts again next week. It is not as warm as yesterday and hazy today.

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