Thursday, March 11, 2010


This morning was pretty frustrating. Trying to pay one bill with an autopay seemed so easy but after an hour the bank tells me it can't be done. The problem is that the check one month was cashed by someone not authorized to cash it, the payee says its lost, asks for a replacement, and then we find out that both checks were cashed. Then this month supposedly the check didn't arrive until AFTER the stop payment was placed at $35.00 which was charged to the payee as we knew the check was sent out March 1st. So back to the office where both Philip and Mark say, just use bill pay, so get on line, then on the phone to sign up for bill pay and fine out at this bank it is a 'nominal' fee of $4.95 a month but I'm ONLY sending out ONE check each month out of this account, this is just not acceptable. It only took 3 hours and 45 minutes 2 trips out to the payee's house 1 trip to the bank and back to the shop to find out it can't be done. The receptionist tells me to just drive to the bank each month and deposit the check into the payee's account. Why is this our problem? I ended up just sending a replacement check through the mail again.
The afternoon went much better, Addyson came over to play with grandma, Rhoda and Sarah! Below is Rhoda putting her hat on Addyson.

Emma had to check out this strange sight.
and the side view
The TAKE OFF! Poor Addyson was having a bad hair day. We all know about Hat HAIR!

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