Saturday, March 27, 2010

Home and a New COLT

The drive seemed to go by quickly and both dogs were outside waiting for us. It was not easy trying to thread around 2 jumping, squirming dogs.
We rolled out of bed at 4:30am and were on the road by 4:45am. Once in the door my nose told me things were not as they should be. Emma must have had a few accidents and even cleaning up the one I found I am sitting here at this computer gagging by the puppy pee I'm smelling. Tomorrow, even though it is Sunday I think the floor will be scrubbed with bleach. The other problem we noticed is that Emma has chewed up the furniture. The joys of having a mastiff puppy without supervision. I am so regretting I didn't hire Ruth's kids to watch her.
There was a message on our answering machine that Anni had a colt. The owners are pretty thrilled because when I asked if they would take a picture for me, they replied, "oh we have only taken a hundred or so!" I forgot to ask if he has spots.
It is NOT sunny here, it is cold, cloudy and starting to rain. I miss the sun already.

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