Wednesday, February 8, 2017

WHAT a Change in the Weather

It was cold this morning, so different from yesterday's morning of 57 degrees. The snow started falling during our walk. We really do have a lot of fun on the walk sometimes laughing so hard we have to slow down to catch our breath. The dogs all love this too.
Diane and Mike left today for Gulf Shores and we are leaving early in the morning. On Saturday morning the entire group that is going on the cruise will leave from Gulf Shores and drive to Mobile, Alabama to board the Carnival cruise ship Fantasy.  Mark and I sprang for a window room as it wasn't much more than an interior and I love seeing the sunrise on the ocean.
There wasn't a lot of work at the Berean office, David Beutel and I got all the requests entered in 45 minutes. On the way home I stopped at Dollar General to buy a watch but unfortunately they don't carry watches. Oh well there is a Walmart right there in Gulf Shores and I can pick one up there on Friday.
Karin called today to report she had been fired and was on her way to the barn. Yes she really did say fired. They have to finish out the year and then a new company is taking over and has promised to rehire everyone so she wasn't really concerned. She helped me move in 3 round bales, one for Evan's paddock, one for Easter Lilly's paddock and one for the middle paddock. The snow was coming down so hard and fast that we were covered in snow by the time the bales were moved. I'm leaving the paddocks full of hay but just in case they run out I gave Karin a quick lesson on driving the tractor.
Today she worked Ayanna, Oksana, Indy and Galena.  When we brought the horses in they it looked like they were all wearing white slippers. I didn't have the camera so just snapped the picture with my phone of their glowing snowy white hooves.
All the horses were acting jumping and spooking at anything they could think of. It must be the change in the weather.
Nolan came over this evening to learn how to care for Emma. Karin will be taking care of the horses. We will be heading to bed soon as we plan to leave here around 5:00 am. 

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