Thursday, February 23, 2017

Cold front Means Rain

After yesterday's beautiful weather we were all kind of disappointed that we didn't get out of the 50's today and not only that but by the time I got home from Berean at 2:00 pm it was raining and Karin had to work horses in the indoor arena.
We had a very busy day at the Berean office. To read about that work click HERE.
What a difference sunshine makes. Below Karin is working with Oksana in the outdoor arena yesterday during our warm sunshiny afternoon.

 Then today she had to work with her in the indoor as it was cold and raining. The two pictures below   of Oksana were taken this afternoon. 

The picture below is Karin working with Zalena in the outdoor yesterday,
 and the picture below is Zalena waiting her turn in the indoor this afternoon. 
Karin worked with 6 of the mares today. Oksana, Galena, Eliza, Ayanna, Indy and Zalena. Below Karin is working with Eliza.
 Eliza is doing so well we decided to have Nolan try her for the last practice this coming Sunday. We believe she will be a better fit with him than Oksana is right now.  Oksana had been put out as soon as Karin finished with her so we didn't have to worry about cleaning up all the messes she makes when loose in the arena and that worked well until Ayanna got bored waiting her turn and started dumping out the garbage, playing with the manure fork and pulling the swords out of the box. 
 Below Karin is working with Indy. 
Last year Indy could not canter without falling in. She is doing amazingly well now. Indy is also learning to neck rein. Zalena was the last mare worked. All the mares did well. This evening a lot of time was spent on the phone getting the confirmation numbers for our stay at the Drury Inn March 2nd, 3rd and 4th. We have 26 rooms reserved and that's a lot of numbers.

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