Saturday, February 25, 2017

Falling Snow

We awoke to snow flurries and a cold 24 degrees with wind making it so miserable outside after those amazing 60 and 70 degrees there was no way anyone wanted to work outside. And yet work waited. Mark hauled in wood then started seeding the fields with medium red clover. Karin brought 7 of the mares inside and turned the heater on for their training session. By the time she finished both of us were pretty frozen. At 2:00 pm Nolan came out to try Eliza. Karin took Oksana while Nolan rode Eliza but they only did about half the trails, the wind was just so fierce. Eliza did great for Nolan.
 Above Oksana is on the left and her mother Eliza is on the right. Below they are heading down toward the 'death trails' with Studly. 
As soon as the trail ride was over Mark, Karin and I drove to the Berean office to finish the intermediate studies and have them ready for Gertrude tomorrow morning. From there we met David, Stephanie, Israel, Elisabet, Sarah, Nolan, Rhoda, and Lee at Good Tequila's for an early supper. We got home in time to watch Phil and Anna's girls this evening. They had fun doing crafts. Painting is always one of the favorites.

 Below they are eating strawberries and grapes dipped in the left over cool whip. They love fruit anyway but this made it special. 

 Above Kensley is dressing Emma and when Emma got tired of that and left Taegan took her place. Kensley is going to be a dress designer. She was draping all kinds of fabric over Taegan. 
 We found some miniature magic wands which were fun to pretend with. 
They had a good time and so did grandpa and grandma.  It is almost 10:00 pm and we are more than ready for bed.

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