Saturday, February 18, 2017

Two Trail Rides

Mark and I left at 7:00 am to eat breakfast at Bob Evans then shopping to pick up much needed groceries. Karin arrived here just after we got back to work on the Friesian demo script for the IL Horse Fair. That was finished and emailed then out we headed to load Easter Lilly who was leaving for Middle Grove today. We made it back after noon but in time to get a few pictures of the horses leaving for the first trail ride of the day. Emily and Mitchel brought out 3 guests. Horses used for the first trail ride were Ayanna, Eliza, Indy, Oksana, and Zalena.

The horses were put away and given about an hour to rest before the next trail ride started. The girls arrived to take the dogs for a walk. Below is Karin with Studly, Hannah with Emma, Anni with her dog and Ebby. Anni's dog is a purebred Poodle but is half miniature and half standard. He will be standing at stud soon. They hope to breed him to Rebekah's goldendoodle to have a litter of miniature goldendoodle puppies soon.
Today was so nice that Karin put laying out on mom's deck on the fun schedule before the second ride of the day. This one only used 4 horses, Oksana, Indy, Galena and Ayanna.

While watching the horses getting ready to come down the lane there were two geese standing on the retention pond dam drive. They took off flying over the retention pond so I was able to snap the pictures below.

They were going to land then took back off again when it looked like Ebby was going to go right into the pond after them. Steven Marchal stopped in on his way down to St Louis and was happy to help tease Rosalie but she was not showing.
The laundry had to be done today as pretty much all of our clothes needed to be washed from the cruise. That got done just in time to dress and head out to Tim and Debby's house for potluck. We stayed visiting WAY to long but what a wonderful ending to a great day.

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