Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Busy Monday

We had a beautiful day for the 6th of February hitting 50 degrees. I drove in to Peoria to pick up what I thought was the knee brace as Mark said I had a package but instead it was the whitening shampoo we ordered for Galena.
Karin met me at Middle Grove in the afternoon to pick up Easter Lilly. We had quite a hike as we thought they were in the summer pasture but found them in the winter pasture over by the hay bales. Easter Lilly was brought home for her appointment with the farrier.
The next job was to get pictures of the 2 new horses. The horse pictured below is Tory:
She will be 10 years old July 1st and is registered with FHANA.
The only reason we acquired her was that she is our ANNA'S daughter. She has never been bred and will need training. She has the typical huge Friesian gaits but will need to learn manners as she has that typical Friesian in your space attitude. She is not related to either of our stallions but will probably be bred to Valiant this year. She is 15.3 hands and Valiant will add height to the foal. The second horse is Bethany and is actually an Evan daughter. She came here with Tory as the 2 of them have been companions since Bethany was weaned. She was born April 1st, 2016.
Evan threw his big movement. Check out the lift and the reach of that hind leg in the picture below.

We introduced her to Arturo (Marika's colt by Valiant) and they will be companions now that Abigail and Adara are gone.
 He liked having someone he could boss around. 
Bethany is very sweet, friendly, has an abundance of hair and even a good amount of feather. What she also has which is very unusual is white roaning throughout her coat. Right now she looks like she is frosted but that will probably change. Her dam was a few spot Appaloosa mare that came here to be bred to Evan in 2015. I snapped a couple pictures of her when she came in for breeding. 

 She is NOT a gray mare but is considered white with a few spots. The owner was hoping for a leopard colored foal by crossing her with Evan but instead this filly came out all black. The roaning started showing up around 4 months of age. We are not sure what this filly will look like in a few years but she is for sure going to be beautiful and unusual. I have her posted for sale on our website for only $3000.00 but we would not mind keeping this one as she can be bred to Valiant. 
This evening we went to Ruth and Fedi's for the usual Monday evening game night. Anna let me bring the girls and Jordan was so happy to have 'kids' to play with. Below they are playing with kinetic sand.
 Ruth always has a lot of fun toys for children now that she has grandkids. 
The game finished late and I still needed to work on the website last night so saved the blog for morning. The IL Horse Fair committee sent the flyer below.
 You may need to click on each part to see it big enough to read but check out the two riders in the picture above. That is Karin on Eliza and Rhoda on Evan at the 2016 fair. Below is the schedule of events. 

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