Friday, February 10, 2017

Our Trip

We had a good trip down starting out our drive was 11 degrees and as we went south the temperature dropped to 5 degrees above zero. By the time we stopped for breakfast at a Waffle House our car was the only car still covered in ice and snow. We got in at 8:30 pm, brought the luggage up and pretty much went right to bed.
Gertie and Dennis were so very thankful to get out of that car and into Mike and Diane's condo. Nolan called around 7:30 am to tell me of his nightmare first night at the house. Emma started barking at 1:30 am, turned out there were loose horses again and again it was the middle paddock gate had come open. We have to get a better system there. I'm pretty sure Oksana keeps playing with the chains until she gets them off. He was able to get 4 of them back and the last three just got in the field behind Eliza's paddock. Karin was going to get them back where they belonged when she came this afternoon.
This morning the sun came up into cloudless sky and the temperature rose until it was almost too hot to sit at mom's pool so we migrated over to Beth's to enjoy the hot tub and play games, horseshoes and bags.

We had a very relaxing day in sunny warm Gulf Shores, Alabama. Dennis and Gertie spent the afternoon and evening with some friends from Bern, Kansas who are down here for a month. The rest of us went out to supper at a restaurant no one had ever tried before. It was on the water front and crowded. Below we are busy ordering our meals.

All of us got our meal but Amy who had to wait and wait and wait. By the time they finally brought her meal she told the waiter she thought a complementary creme brulee would be in order and that was exactly what happened.
After a few bites Amy sent it around the table for each to have a taste but it stopped dead at Mike and Spark.
This evening we sang around the campfire at Beth's then listened as Mike talked about losing Dort his wife of 45 years. There were tears but also laughter.
We will be leaving in the morning for the cruise so this will be the end of the internet until we get off the ship. The phone was left inside and there were 4 texts waiting to be answered but that will have to wait until morning it is much to late now.

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