Sunday, February 19, 2017

Super Duper Sunday

We awoke to another beautiful day and to make it even better today was SUNDAY, everyone's  favorite day of the week. Mom wasn't feeling well, her cold is just hanging on but she was so sick of staying home she decided to come to church anyway and just stay away from people.
Harvey Kaeb, the elder from Gridley visited Peoria today and had the morning service then helped Tim read the memorandum for the afternoon service. It was so good to be home and back in church. Rhoda and Lee were already here by the time we got home from church. Rhoda was warming up Rosalie for the Pirate practice.

Hard to believe this huge beautiful mare just turned 4 years old yesterday. Rhoda has done all the undersaddle training on her. Jessica,  David and Sarah were walking the fields with some of the dogs and stopped in to visit before the practice.

The play practice went well but Jenis is still favoring her right front leg since her hoof trimming on Saturday so she was out and Amy wasn't able to make it so Anna was also missing. Below are a few pictures of the practice.

After the practice the group all went to the playground to play volley ball. The weather was so nice they decided to move it from the gym to the playground. We heard sirens then saw billows of smoke across the corn field. We haven't heard what was burning but it must have been something big.
 Rhoda stayed around here to help get a video and a few pictures of Beautiful Bethany and her buddy Arturo. Bethany wil be a year old April 1st and is Evan's daughter. She will be registered with Friesian Heritage Horse soon. She is for sale for $3000.00 BUT if you want to start your own Friesian herd and want to purchase Arturo we will sell them as a package for only $9000.00! Arturo is a purebred Friesian stud colt and is NOT related to Bethany who is half Friesian. This is a great way to get a jump start on your OWN Friesian HERD!
Below is the video of Bethany:
Below are a few pictures of Bethany taken today.
 She is very sweet and well behaved. 
 Bethany is NOT broke to ride even though Ruby thought she was. 
 We decided to bring Arturo next. He is also well behaved and we just let him follow Bethany into the stall then left her in and took him out to the outdoor arena for pictures.
 Above Bethany is in front of Arturo and below is shaggy Arturo. He grew quite a winter coat this year. Arturo will be a year old in June but is already quite a bit taller than Bethany. The two are best friends. 

After Arturo was put away we went over to the playground to watch the volley ball players. The dogs were there too. They locked up Rizzy and Ari because those two wouldn't stay off the volley ball court. 
 Chewy and Emma know the rules and had to rub it in that they were loose to the two locked up. 
 Chewy decided to go on the court next but Rhoda ordered him off. 
 Studly came over to enforce that rule to Chewy. 

The games were entertaining. It was amazing to be playing volley ball outside on February 19th, 2017 and playing is short sleeves, barefoot and in shorts. Another great day...we are beyond blessed today. 

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