Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday Trail Ride

This morning I had to go to Walmart and Sam's club but didn't spend very much at either store. I needed the ingredients for a dish we call YahiSobi. A double batch was made when I got back to the house. It is a nutritious meal with only 150 calories per cup but don't think because it is nutritious it doesn't taste good. We all think it is delicious. Tomorrow the Berean volunteers will get a chance to try it. It is made with shredded cabbage, shredded carrots, chopped onion, sliced peppers, sauteed mushrooms, Ramon noodles and browned drained ground beef. It isn't made very often because of the work involved in making it.
This afternoon Karin arrived after work and got three mares out for a trail ride. As Jake is now riding Oksana she wanted him to have a chance to get to know her before the horse fair. Oksana can go from a walk to a gallop in an instant when asked and Jake needed to know the cues to manage this. Hannah came to ride Galena while Karin rode Eliza. Eliza needs muscle tone and the hills are good for that.

They came upon a deer carcass that was basically just the hide and bones.

The weather was beautifully warm with bright sunshine. That always makes Mark happy to have sun shining on his solar system. 
The ride was considered successful as no one fell off. WE always say that when the horses come back with the rider still sitting in the saddle. One time we had a rider come leading the horse back and when we asked what happened she replied, "the horse started yelling at me so I got off." 
After the ride Indy, Zalena and Ayanna were worked. 

 Above Karin is working with Zalena in SHORT sleeves on this 27th day of February and below she is working with Ayanna. .

She came in for a quick supper before heading out. After supper mom, Joan, Diane, Rebekah, and I all showed up at Ruth's house for game night. Tonight MOM WON! 
A nice email came in from the lady that bought Rosalie's filly. She sent the picture below and wrote:
Hi Judy,
I hope you had a wonderful vacation. I have attached a picture of Abigail (we renamed her Arwen) from yesterday. She is so wonderful! We absolutely love her. I cannot believe how sane, quiet, and mature she is for a weanling. I've dealt with Thoroughbreds most of my life, so her demeanor is just amazing to me. 
We will be clipping her this coming weekend as she is so hot with her thick coat. I will be interested to see how she takes to that.
Thank you for everything!

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