Sunday, February 26, 2017

Dress Rehearsal

Sunday, blessed, wonderful Sunday, my favorite day of the week. Well most week days are favorites too but Sunday is always special. Amazing to think this day of rest was set aside by the Creator of the universe just for us. A day we get to go to church to worship Him but so much more. The time spent singing praises, reading the Word, listening to a Spirit filled message, breaking bread together and then fellowshipping together is all such a gift to us. Craig Stickling had the morning service and David Obergfel had the afternoon. Both were exactly what I needed to hear. Then to top it all off we had ANOTHER engagement announcement. Brenna Waibel was announced to Ty Taufer a brother from Goodfield.
This afternoon was the dress rehearsal for the pirate play The Dead Man's Chest. Most of the riders arrived in costume. This was the first time we got to see how creative these pirates are.
Above is Nolan as Davy Jones and below is David Jacob as Jack Sparrow and Mitchel Cooksey as Will Turner. 

 Even Miss Molly is going as a pirate. 
 Lee is our Land Pirate since he does not have a horse to ride in this play but he gets lots of time sword fighting. 
Amy brought a couple of her grand children out. They were amazed at the dogs that all came running to the barn.

The play practice went well. To see the rest of the pictures of that practice click HERE. After practice Amy gave her grandchildren a ride on Anna before putting her away.

The saddles were all taken off by the horse trailer and loaded right into that for the trip down on Wednesday. We had so much fun watching this very entertaining practice and to think those pirates are going to perform this in front of the thousands of people that come to the Illinois Horse Fair. We are leaving Wednesday to take down the supplies and meet the man bringing us 40 bales of straw for bedding and 20 bales of hay in Springfield and will try to get as much decorating done on the stalls as we can.  Thursday morning the horses will be taken down to the fair and bathed. The show starts Friday morning at 9:00 am and goes on until Sunday evening around 5:00 pm. WE ARE READY!

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