Monday, August 1, 2016

First of The Month

As today is August 1st, a trip into town had to be made to deposit checks and pay bills. That didn't take too long so the next errand was to take the golf cart tire back to Riekers, the tube was bad and Mark got stranded on that Sunday morning. He had to walk back, fill his air tank then tire to get the cart back in the garage. From there I went to Sam's Club for groceries then home to cook the groceries. The meal cooked is for tomorrow's lunch at Berean. The Bibles were suppose to have been delivered today and we have extra help coming in to wrap and label them.
Karin hosted vaulting practice today with the entire team. They have a performance on the 20th so she was pleased all of them could be here. After vaulting some of the kids rode Missy and Cookie and some went swimming.
Hoerr vet clinic called when I was getting ready to head back to the farm to report Dr. Hoerr would come tonight if that would work instead of tomorrow afternoon. The cousins were meeting up with Mike and Dort at Jack's tonight then heading to their house for a singing. I hated to miss that but the owner of Patty would like to know as soon as possible if she is pregnant. Karin was waiting at the house when I finally got home around 3:30 pm and we worked on the script for the next performances then went out to start bringing in the mares for their ultrasounds. Galena
and Patty were brought inside. Praying all three of these mares settled. 
And then it was time to wait, wait and wait some more. Around 7:40 pm Dr. Hoerr was sent a text to see if he wanted to cancel tonight and he was quick to respond that would be good as he still had emergencies to see. Galena, Prissy and Patty were taken back to their paddocks. I'm going to have to drive them to his office tomorrow afternoon. The other horses were locked off the pond pasture until we get some rain and somehow Indy's filly got on the wrong side of the fence into the pond pasture. She was galloping back and forth trying to figure out how to get back into the paddock. Indy calmly walked up to the front gate and stood there looking at me then over to her filly just waiting for me to rescue her lost filly. Indy is just SO sensible. Any other mare would have been frantically calling and running back and forth along the back fence line trying to get out with her baby but not Indy. She knows we will help and goes to look for humans.
Molly's last puppy left today for his new owner. We all got WAY to attached to Teddy. He went on our walks every morning.

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