Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pictures For Owners

We cut our walk short giving me time for breakfast before heading in to the Berean office. To read about our morning there click HERE.
Once I got home and took care of the weanlings, Rosalie and her new filly the camera was taken out for updated pictures of Capricho (Sheena x Valiant) for his owner.

This owner actually bought 2 of our foals, Sheena's colt and Ayanna's colt and both will be picked up the middle of September. Above is Sheena's colt and Below is Ayanna's colt.

Both boys are sharing a stall as they are both being weaned. Last night all 5 weanlings were in the same stall but Ayanna's colt is bigger than the rest and was picking on the girls so the colts were separated from the fillies this morning. This afternoon there was much less calling and by tonight they were all quiet and glad to see me. All 5 are eating and drinking well.
Rosalie's filly is doing well too. She was running around her mom bucking this evening. No pictures of that, it was just too dark in the stall but here are a few from yesterday. Rosalie is in love with her.
 Below she was trying to scratch her face but wasn't quite getting the job done. 
 She is curious and brave for such a tiny filly. By the way she will easily catch up in size with the other foals and over take them when older as her mom is so huge. 
Mark drove to church tonight with Ruth, mom and I. Tim Funk had the service. I sure appreciate our Wednesday evening service, it is good to be there, good to sit under the sound of the Word and good to visit with everyone after the service. 

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